Phillip Jordan


There’s only one life we get to live – why not tailor it to fit you best? Throughout his 20-year career in financial services, Phillip Jordan has framed the concept of retirement as a bespoke journey that he and his clients create & take together. Phillip believes retirement is not a race to a single goal, it’s a marathon of milestones that’s why Phillip partners with his clients the entire way.

Phillip believes investing is inherently emotional – that’s why Phillip forms his relationships with authenticity and trust by taking the necessary time to understand the hopes, dreams, and concerns of his clients. Phillip believes it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about how the client feels about their wealth and how they get there. That’s why he follows a multi-step process to create a written plan, so his clients understand the plan along the journey.

Outside of the office, Phillip and his wife Kenna enjoy traveling and spending time with their two children, Sarah and Matthew. Phillip loves the outdoors – whether under the sea SCUBA diving, pushing the pedals hard on his bike, or exploring the wonders of state and national parks.