Madeline Romeo

In her role as Client Associate, Madeline Romeo is a prompt, friendly professional who is dedicated to helping Vine & Branch Capital’s clients reach their goals. Madeline pairs a lifelong thirst for learning with an honest desire to be a reliable resource who fulfills whatever requests the advisors and clients might have.

Before joining the team at Vine & Branch, Madeline developed actionable metrics to help clients achieve goals and solved multi-step problems in the fitness and real estate development industries. In addition to her unique work history, she also draws on her bachelor's in psychology from Oswego University and her master's coursework in athletic rehabilitation from Syracuse University. Outside of the office, Madeline and her family are a part of the Hope Church Movement.

Having enjoyed outdoor activities while growing up on Long Island, NY, Madeline *loves* the green open spaces for outdoor adventures in North Carolina. You’ll often find her swimming in the open water, running mountain trails, or just puttering around her garden. A deeply involved mother who loves her children very much, Madeline connects with them through activities like watching her girls play soccer, joining each other on runs, family camp-outs, and growing food together. When you see her, ask her about the time she joined the amazing Team USA athletes at the 2021 World Championships in Spain!